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Of course we would like to thank all of the sponsors.
As well this is the list of the volunteers we would like to thank.

Volunteer Coordinators:
Seema Saini
Angela Adams

Course Plowing:
Darren VanWynsberghe of DVW Bobcat service

Marlys Nagy
Arlene Woodcock
Cam Harrop
Shirley Stewart
Arlene Woodcock
Jessica Nagy
Courtney Stuermer
Meera Kisto

Audrey Stubbington - also comissaire assistant
Leanne Straker
Claudia Aguilar
Ciara Shattuck
Lisa Chamdonnet
John McNab
Blanca Thomas
Ian Main
Meera Kisto
Bart ?
Michelle PinaasBen Martin
Bill Algeo
Rick Yachyshyn

Chad Lazaruk

Kids Race:
Don Page
Jay Harrison

Course Shovelling:
Dave Dorning
Seema Saini
Ed Jones
Mike Abraham
Chris Reimer
Eric Larsen
Ian Hall
Tim Loewen
Tim Woodcock

Shirt design:
Gerald Adams

If we have overlooked or forgotten someone's name please forgive us we do appreciate everyone's help.